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National Treasury Employees Union
Chapter 247, Austin, Texas, USA.


Chapter 247 is a patriotic, determined, and fun-loving union chapter representing IRS employees in Austin, Texas. 247's energetic staff reaches out to identify the concerns of NTEU members and pushes tirelessly for solutions to issues in the workplace. Over 70% of the chapter's employees are dues-paying members; as a result, Chapter 247's influence has grown, and will continue to grow.

NTEU Chapter 247 will never rest in its efforts to improve the workplace and protect the rights of its employees. 247 is working for you...24/7!

Chapter 247 is part of the National Treasury Employees Union. NTEU represents 150,000 government employees who work in cities across the United States, in 31 agencies and departments. For over 75 years, NTEU has been a voice for federal workers who, each and every day, enforce our nation's laws, protect our borders, keep our food and water safe, and help millions of Americans. Click the play button on the left to learn more.

SEE the incident that made Internet bloggers take notice! Watch NTEU Chapter 247 battle management, Texas heat, and the Homeland Security Department while picketing Austin IRS in a mini-documentary of the event, "We Won't Back Down." Yes, Chapter 247 has issues...employee issues. Find out where we stand.

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NTEU Chapter 247
PO Box 19495
Austin, TX 78760-9495
tel: (512) 460-0964


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